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A message from our Founder, Zach Faizal.
A proud moment for me as I get to share to the world a glimpse of Peec’s vision turning into reality. A vision I had, through my years at uni, of bringing a new narrative to the transportation and mobility space. A narrative that uses an out of the box approach which I believe could really contribute to truly solving the problem at hand while maintaining economic viability. The problem that leaves us year after year, climate week after climate week, COP after COP, and more importantly generation after generation in the exact spot as the year prior asking the world for immediate, concrete, and tangible impact while staring at a rising curve of carbon emissions.
With the magnitude of the problem being so growingly large, our belief was that if at all there had to be a solution to this problem, it had to come from questioning the norms of today and getting creative with how we can bring a new way to the current system. Through that process of questioning, we found a simple truth.
In some industries, it can sometimes be the case that we point fingers at the lack of technology or financing as being the hurdles reducing our emissions. As a result, we raise billions of precious dollars to innovate & build at scale and yet to find ourselves in the exact same spot in terms of carbon numbers. Our principle question was why is this the case?
Our belief → Technology and financing isn’t always the issue, it is often to do with us not going to the root of the problem. Overconsumption, excessive manufacturing, and unnecessary waste creation is in many cases the main culprit. So if we were to build technology and finance it with our finite resources, it better address the root of the problem or otherwise we come back to ground zero.
There are 3 things I sought out to do when I started Peec:
1. Stay true to the problem.
2. Find a solution for my generation that can be implemented within the course of our generation itself.
3. Bring together a group of super talented people to the UAE and drive local innovation in the sustainable mobility space.
Our brand film is essentially a culmination of those 3 goals that have now come to life. A visual representation of the incredible work done by the Peec engineers, designers, interns, and managers. The people behind it all making our vision a reality.
The Peec story is only just beginning, and we’re now ready to scale our philosophy to the world. Sometimes, the future lies in what already exists.