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At Peec, we design and manufacture the petrol-to-electric transition. We focus on repurposing large-scale fleets worldwide to realize financial viability and make the greatest impact we can on the environment.

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Why repurposing?

For every new EV on the road, one petrol-running vehicle goes to the scrapyard. Repurposing proves more efficient than manufacturing: instead of producing additional retired vehicles, repurposing gives them a new life.

  • Financial benefit


    Repurposing is 30% cheaper than manufacturing new EVs. It makes vehicles more accessible and boosts awareness towards sustainable living

  • Enviromental benefit

    less carbon

    Repurposing produces 27% less carbon than manufacturing. It erases the overall costs and gas emissions of producing new EVs, helps slow global warming, and reduces air and noise pollution

  • Time benefit

    less time

    Repurposing requires 80% less time to take a vehicle on the market. It works on a platform that is replicable and immediately actionable and uses our in-house software to collect and study data to further our research

How can we work with you?

Spark the change

At Peec, creativity unlocks the potential of what’s already there through feasible projects and outputs. We believe the most powerful way to spark change is actually before our eyes — in the vehicles we already use.

Our goal: transforming mobility

How does it work?

  • Develop custom-made solutions


    We study all the technical specifics of a given vehicle model on our software and work on four white papers —technical, environmental, feasibility, and charging infrastructure— to identify the whole context. We integrate the new components into the vehicle on the software and reanalyze every element to make it ready for our virtual simulation.

  • Onboard in-house components


    We virtually simulate almost every technical aspect — from assessing the existing chassis’ lifespan to understanding the pre- and post-conversion vehicle dynamics, designing the mechanical components, and modeling and developing our vehicle control software. After validating the virtual design, we integrate it into the vehicle and get it homologated.

  • Export to the next platform


    We implement the technology and design to the whole fleet of the completed platform. As we move on to a new car or bus model, we restart the research, development, and physical implementation process — customizing it to the specificity of the model, market, and end-user.

At Peec we are avid researchers and doers. We study vehicles in-depth and develop in-house technologies to scale up. Our background in world-class manufacturers and universities has taught us that sharing, not withholding, knowledge fosters success.